Keep All Your Patient Portals in One Place

Patient portals don't make it easy to see your own health history across multiple hospitals. Take control and search across thousands of supported patient portals and connect them to one place.

We've made this simple for you

as it should be

1. Search Your Patient Portal

We have support for thousands of patient portals throughout the United States. Search by the name of your health system, doctor, city, or state to find it.

2. Securely Authorize a Connection

Use your login credentials to authorize connection to your patient portal. We do not save your credentials. You get the power to choose how long to keep your portal connected to Curamei and what types of data you share.

3. See Your Records in One Place

Whether you review it for your own reference or are sharing your history with a doctor, Curamei organizes all your portal data in one easy-to-read place.

4. Easily Manage your Connections

Updates to your patient portal will be automatically updated in the platform. If you'd like to re-import all of your portal data or remove a connection, you can do so within the Data Sources screen.