Stop Losing Health Information in Your Camera Roll

Use Curamei to securely organize files that tell the story of your health.

Electronic Health Records Software Doesn't Do Its Job

We're empowering you with the tool to get better healthcare when electronic health records software don't make health information easy to access or share with different doctors.

No more lugging around a folder or endlessly swiping through your phone to pull out medical history for a new doctor.

No more confusion when your primary care physician doesn't know that your cardiologist put you on a new medication.

No more losing written instructions, prescriptions, and informational papers meant to help with following through on a treatment.

No more losing track of receipts to budget your health expenses and dispute inaccurate claims with your insurer.

Upload Any Filetype From Anywhere

Curamei makes uploading files flexible to the many types of health documents. Take a picture, choose from your camera roll, or upload by picking from your file explorer.

Save Common Attachments

Keep information like details of your health insurance coverage saved for convenient access at the tip of your finger.

Organize Files by Doctor

Prescriptions, receipts, instructions, and lab reports. Save any type of health documentation and organize it under the name of the doctor you got them through.