Medical Emergencies Don't Wait for Data

Use Curamei to keep your health history information handy for when you might least expect needing it.


Information about existing allergies can prevent administering drugs with potential dangerous reactions and explain the cause of certain medical emergencies.


Awareness of a patient's current medications can prevent life-threatening side effects with drugs that may have to be administered at the point of care.

Current Conditions

Knowing about pre-existing medical conditions can let medical professionals know when specific precautions are necessary and what specific treatments may cause the least potential for side effects.

Family Health History

Family health history lets emergency providers know what conditions a patient may be more likely to have, cutting the time needed to find the root cause of a medical emergency.

Other Providers

Sometimes, the best insights on a patient come from their own primary care and specialty care providers. Knowing who they are is a critical step to getting their help.

Keep Your Identification on Hand

For care providers, knowing who you are can give valuable insight about your care providers and help keep in contact with friends and family.

Have Medical Records Ready for Review

Whether you connect your patient portal or answer our targetted patient history questionnaires, rest assured that Curamei will have important information about your medical history ready for use by emergency providers.

Keep Track of All Your providers

Adding your providers on Curamei can help emergency providers identify which specialists they can reach out to. Your manually uploaded documentation may offer additional insights about care you seek with that provider that might not be available through medical records.