Make Sense of Scattered Data

Save time and money by connecting siloed clinical workflows into one easy-to-use place to search, view, and manage information across your clinic's operations

Holistic Patient
Chart Review

Clinicians can save time on chart review through seeing data from EHR and forms in a generated patient timeline and human-readable text narrative.

Comprehensive Reporting

Drive revenue from grant programs and improve operational effiencies with customizable reporting dashboards that can pull data across all corners of your operations.

Care Delivery

Save on incorporating social determinants of health interventions by leveraging how we allow social history to be presented alongside medical history.

Stop Wasting Time on Chart Review

Dig Into Your Patient's Journey

Our patient details Timeline allows you to see developments in social and health history across connected EHR, questionnaires, uploaded documents, and encounters.

Get the Plain English Story of Your Patients

Read a quick text summary of crucial social and health history without having to go searching for the right screen to find a piece of information.

Build Custom Reporting Dashboards

Your reporting needs are specific to the clinical workflows you work with. Leverage all of your sources of data intake and display it according to your needs, whether it's for making better reports for donors and funding or giving staff a birds-eye view of your population.

Who We're Already Working With

In our committment to ensure that Curamei is truly slashing administrative costs, we are focusing on working with healthcare providers for rural and other medically underserved populations which face great obstacles in access to resources treating patients with high barriers to care.

Free Clinic of Tampa Bay

Tampa, FL

Wildflower Healthcare

St. Augustine, FL

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We will work with your team to get your Curamei account connected to existing forms, documents, EHR, and scheduling workflows and get you on the road to giving patients better care without the burden of existing administrative costs.

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